PFU Zero

PFU Zero (Zero ELT) is the leading national mapping project of abandoned deposits of End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs). The project aims to identify, through reports of abandoned ELTs from local bodies, associations and the general public. It has a dedicated website ( where it is possible to report cases, and contribute to database of abandoned deposits.

Each year EcoTyre dedicates part of its surplus to the management and clean-up of deposits reported through the ELT Zero. Often environmental education and  awareness raising activities are conducted alongside the clean-up.

Patronised by the Ministry for the Environment, the project ensure that tyres are sent for appropriate recovery at accredited plants. The ELTs, infact represent a real resource because 100% of their material is recoverable.

To involve the greatest number of people possible, PFU Zero has initiated partnerships with the main environmental associations.

The first partnership is that with Legambiente for “Clean the World”, an initiative that  involves volunteers every year in dozens of extraordinary collections of ELTs throughout Italy. EcoTyre offers its support in collecting the tyres and sending them for recovery,

The collaboration with the Marevivo association led to the creation of “PFU Zero in the Minor Islands”. The initiative has collected abandoned ELTs from the land and the sea bed of Italy’s smaller islands. The project is in its third year and ahs involved nearly all the minor Italian islands.