EcoTyre released the 2020 annual report

In the last 10 years of business EcoTyre Consortium has been one of the leader in the sector of management, collection and recovery of ELTs-End of Life Tyres in Italy.

EcoTyre is the first to have set itself the target for complete the cycle of rubber circularity: using devulcanized rubber deriving from ELTs, in new rubber compounds used for the production of new tires and other products.

The project is called “Rubber to Rubber” and today, with Versalis (Eni) and AGR, it’s in the 4.0 phase: the industrialization process.

EcoTyre is in first position for members number in Italy (776 Associates in December 2020). EcoTyre generates an economic value of 13 million euros, equivalent to a medium-large company. EcoTyre recovered 40.486.339 kg of tyres only in 2020.

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EcoTyre’s partners are 126: 109 of theme are Logistics Partners and 17 are Recycling Partners. EcoTyre performed 15.621 collections in 2020, pocking up ELTs from 13.637 different tyre shops. The punctuality time of collection is about 84% and the collection is set by a logic of proximity: ELTs reach to the closest treatment plant, reducing kilometers traveled, costs and polluting emissions.


Visiting the EcoTyre’s website the costumer can check the collection data of any months, geographical area, and type of collected ELTs.


In 2016 our Consortium launched the “Rubber to Rubber” project with the aim of breathing new life into recycled rubber granules.

70% of a tyre is composed of recyclable rubber, as well as 20% of steel and 10% of recoverable textile fibers: rubber can now be devulcanized and reused for the production of new tyres thanks to the innovative project promoted by EcoTyre.

Another interesting project provided by EcoTyre is PFU Zero in partnership with others national environmental associations such as Marevivo and Legambiente. Thanks to this project, 2,5 million of tyres has been recovered.

13 May 2021