EcoTyre among the first 110 signatories of the Susdef appeal

EcoTyre, through the President, Enrico Ambrogio, is among the first 110 signatories of the manifesto "Exiting the pandemic with a new Green Deal for Italy" promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development of which it is a founding member. The manifesto analyzes the socio-economic situation triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and proposes a relaunch model based on a circular and decarbonised economy.

The appeal to the EU and the Member States is to trigger a public intervention of an unprecedented scale based on a long-lasting and sustainable development project, capable of ensuring greater employment, a more extensive and equally distributed well-being. One of the salient passages of the manifesto mentions: "We are convinced that a new Green Deal is the way forward for a stronger and more lasting recovery because it enhances Italy's best potential: [...] those in which it has reached levels of excellence, such as waste recycling, pillar of the circular economy. "

"We decided to adhere to the manifesto - explains Enrico Ambrogio, President of EcoTyre - because the global pandemic has taught us that our planet must be respected and safeguarded and because we believe that only with a plan based on circular economy and sustainable development, Italy will be able leave again and look to the future. The recent decree on the end of waste of ELTs by Minister Costa goes precisely in this direction and is a strategic piece that gives the ELT recovery chain in Italy the necessary boost to become a leader ".

14 May 2021