About Us

EcoTyre is a consortium which has represented excellence in the management of End-of-Life Tyres since 2011. It leads the sector in terms of the size of its membership which comprises the manufacturers and importers of tyres who have decided to work on the end of life of the products they place on the Italian market.

EcoTyre’s headquarters are based in Vinovo (Turin) but its logistic services operate throughout Italy, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and prompt service thanks to the professionalism of its staff team and state-of-the-art computerised systems.

Furthermore, EcoTyre undertakes, on behalf of its members, all the necessary administrative and bureaucratic processes relating to the declaration of  quantities placed on the market and the accounting for collections, absolving them of responsibility in matters relating to the management of waste.

Another key role of Eco Tyre is to provide a voice for its membership; representing the perspective of members in on going dialogue to encourage improvements to the legal framework and consolidating fair competition between players within the sector.

A key driver for EcoTyres operators is environmental sustainability, and the circular economy is a concrete example of this. EcoTyre continually raises awareness of this with both the general public and consumers..