General Public

On a daily basis, EcoTyre provides an indirect service to the general public and consumers by collecting ELTs gathered by tyre change centres, and sending them on to be recycled correctly. The legal framework, however, does not permit consortia such as EcoTyre to collect tyres from private individuals or local authorities; only mechanics and tyre change centres can be entrusted with ELTs.

In parallel to this, EcoTyre delivers many awareness-raising initiatives about ELTs and organises a host of extraordinary collections of ELTs, in which private individuals can participate. These initiatives are often organised in partnership with environmental associations such as Legambiente or Marevivo, or local authorities; and collections are made under the banner of the PFU Zero Project.

As well as keeping up to date with planned activities, members of the public can report dumped and fly-tipped ELTs through the website,  Each report is then evaluated to assess whether a direct intervention, in partnership with the relevant local body, is possible.