The Ministerial Decree 82/2011, which set into motion the ELT management system in Italy, makes tyre manufacturers and importers responsible for the collection of ELTs from tyre centres and mechanics and for sending them for appropriate recovery. For this reason, the manufacturers have organised themselves into consortia, such as EcoTyre, and delegated these consortia the task of managing ELTs.

On a daily basis, EcoTyre organises collections of ELTs from over 10,000 accredited collection centres through a logistic network which is made up of operators throughout the country. Thanks to their activity, our consortium guarantees that every year the quantity of ELTs collected equates to the quantity of tyres placed on the market by our members.

This means that for every tyre which is sold, one which has come to the end of its life is collected, thus avoiding them being dispersed in the environment.  Furthermore, EcoTyre undertakes a series of extraordinary collection activities to eliminate the tyres that were dumped prior to the introduction of the law (referred to as historical stock, which is becoming increasingly rare), or micro-dumps that have been generated by unethical fly-tipping or activities that were otherwise outside the legal framework.