Legal Framework

The main law governing the management of ELTs in Italy is Ministerial Decree n. 82/2011, which was inspired by the European Directive that introduced the principle of “Extended Producer Responsibility” to our sector.

On the basis of this principle, responsibility falls to manufacturers to organise the management of products that have reached the end of their life, in this case tyres. In order to ensure their correct recovery within a system of fair competition, M.D. 82/2011 assigns producers the following specific obligations:

  • To collect and manage annually a quantity of ELTs (of every brand) which is at least the equivalent of the quantity of tyres placed on the national market in the preceding calendar year.
  • By May 31st, to report to the competent Authority, both the quantity and typology of tyres placed on the tyre change market in the preceding calendar year, and the quantity and typology and destination (recovery or disposal) of ELTs;
  • To provide complete annual financial accounts relating to the management;
  • Fulfil the required obligations, which can be through the establishment of dedicated organisations such as the EcoTyre Consortium that will provide all ELT management activities, including the reporting and accounting requirements.
  • To cover the costs arising from the treatment and recovery of ELTs. The Italian legislation provides for the establishment of an environmental fee, which is added to the bill, when buying a new tyre.