Despite being a niche sector, the management of ELTs has important implications on an economic and environmental level. EcoTyre has, over the years, forged several partnerships with organisations which, for various reasons, share the belief that  proper management of ELTs and the potential they hold for recovery, are practical ways forward for the improvement of the environment in which we live. EcoTyre’s partners include: environmental groups, groupings of companies, industrial consortia and charities. Below we mention a few of the most important.

PFU Zero

The PFU Zero (Zero ELT) project was launched by EcoTyre to map deposits of ELTs that have been abandoned or fly tipped in the environment and to promote initiatives for their collection so they can be sent for proper recovery. Patronised by the Ministry for the Environment, PFU Zero was created in collaboration with Legambiente, Marevivo, dozens of local authorities and also the general public, who report the deposits of fly tipped tyres through the site:

General Council for the Green Economy

For years, EcoTyre has been an integral part of the National Council for the Green Economy, an organisation with the role of analysing proposals and initiatives that will develop the Green Economy in our country. The Council comprises 66 organisations with technical support provided by the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Its role is to promote dialogue with the Govemment, establishing direct channels of communication with the Ministries for the Environment and Economic Development.


Every year EcoTyre participates in Legambiente’s “Clean the World” initiative (Puliamo il Mondo), which in each September sees  thousands of volunteers  working to clean natural areas. Thanks to the support of EcoTyre, the teams of volunteers can organise extraordinary collection initiatives for fly-tipped ELTs and the consortium sends the collected waste for appropriate recovery.


PFU Zero in the Minor Islands took EcoTyre and Marevivo around the Italian coast to organise the clean up of the seabed around the minor islands in order to remove ELTs that have accumulated there over the years. The clean up was run alongside an awareness raising campaign through environmental education classes in schools on the islands delivered by Gummy, the EcoTyre mascot.


FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano (The Italian Environmental Fund)

EcoTyre is the Golden Corporate Donor  of F.A.I. - the Italian Environmental Fund. This foundation is committed to protecting and enhancing Italian naturalistic and artistic heritage and raising awareness to educate the general public to be vigilant and take action.

Let’s Clean up Europe.

Through the PFU Zero Project, EcoTyre has participates in the “Let’s Clean up Europe” campaign, which is promoted by the European Commission and coordinated by the Italian Ministry for the Environment. The campaign is designed to raise public awareness about littering and fly tipping. During the European Clean up Day, in May, EcoTyre was actively involved with extraordinary ELT collections.

Kyoto Club

EcoTyre is part of Kyoto Club, a non-profit organisation founded in February 1999. Its members are business companies, associations and local municipalities and governments engaged in reaching the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol, by the EU ones for 2030 and by the December 2015 Paris Agreement. To reach its goals and to support bio, green and circular economy patterns, Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising initiatives, information and training to foster energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, waste reduction and recycling and sustainable mobility.