Presentation of the EcoTyre 2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report for EcoTyre was presented at Trapani. The report detailed the activities of the consortium along with the first accounts of project ELT Zero. For five years EcoTyre, the leading Italian consortium in terms of the number of members (over 450, an increase of 21% in respect of 2014) and second in terms of the quantities of ELTs managed (over 48 million kilograms), represents a quality benchmark in the field of collections, treatment and recovery of End-of-Life Tyre. 

Collections up by 7.6% in respect of 2014
The fifth year of operation provides another year of growth for the consortium, with the management of ELTs showing an increase of 7.6% over 2013. The quantities collected were 48,783,751 kilogrammes. Looking at collections for 2015 the most important peaks in collection were seen in the months of May to July and November and December, in line with the busiest periods for tyre change centres due to the changeover from summer to winter tyres.

Collection Points increase by 23%
The number of collection points in 2015 increased from 8,019 to 9,823, up by 23% in respect of 2014, testifying to the consortium consolidating its presence throughout the Italian peninsula. The most significant data relating to growth is seen in the Islands, with an increase of collection points of 95% in Sicily and a 113% increase in Sardegna. Furthermore, Piemonte increased its number by 107%. EcoTyre operates based on the logic of proximity, permitting EcoTyre to collect, on average, more than one tyre per second, testimony to the consortium’s efficiency.

9 June 2016