The PFU Zero in the Minor Islands Launched

The Marevivo Association and the EcoTyre consortium today launched the PFU Zero in the Minor Islands Project, on the Island of Elba in Tuscany. The project runs extraordinary collections of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) dumped in the environment. It is supported by the Ministry for the Environment, Federparchi-Europarc Italia and the Italian Forestry Commission and is run in collaboration with ANCIM - the National Association of Local Authorities of the Minor Islands, and the Coast Guard. The event which took place during the “Mare Pulito” Clean Seas at the Elbano Diving Centre saw the participation of Carmen Parisio Di Penta, the Director General of Marevivo, and Enrico Ambrogio, President of EcoTyre.

Following the first intervention on the island of Nisida, as part of Let’s Clean up Europe on the 8th of May, Marevivo and EcoTyre launched the third edition of the awareness raising campaign for the collection and recovery of ELTs in the sea and on the land.


After the Elba, the project will visit Lampedusa and Linosa (Monday 30th May), Ustica (Wednesday 1st June) and Pantelleria (Saturday 4th June). In addition to the work of previous years, this will conclude the work on these gems of the Mediterranean and both EcoTyre and Marevivo can proudly confirm that they have protected the environment and raised awareness of children and adults about the correct way to dispose of and manage ELTs.

Once again, on Elba, EcoTyre’s now famous mascot, Gummy, explained to over 300 children who were involved in the initiative how the end-of-life tyres should be managed properly so that this waste can be recovered and the seas can be safeguarded by the island’s inhabitants. The team of divers, coordinated by the Elbano Diving Centre only collected a few ELTs from the sea. This is a clear sign that the management system for ELTs is working on the island and testimony to the excellent results achieved by the awareness raising campaign by EcoTyre, targeting the general public. In this manner,  ever more tyres make their way down the correct route to recycling and recovery throughout Italy.

8 June 2016