Ecomondo, 523 Members

During Ecomondo this year, EcoTyre was delighted to announce that it had signed up 523 members. 517 of these were Italian and six were from outside Italy. This is an important milestone for EcoTyre as, in only five years since its foundation EcoTyre is now the leading consortium dealing with End-of-Life Tyres in terms of coverage across Italy. This has been achieved thanks to manufacturers and importers of new tyres signing up to EcoTyre and entrusting it with the management of ELTs placed on the market. Members come from across Italy with the regions of Vento and Lombady having the greatest number of members (79 and 76 respectively), followed by Piedmont (55), Emilia Romagna (52) and Trentino-Alto Adige (49). There has been an evident increase in membership from the southern regions of Puglia (29 members), Capangia (24) and Sicily (18).

“This continued growth in membership is testimony to the good work done so far in terms of: the efficiency of collections, our services’ cost-effectiveness and our punctual reporting of administrative practices to the Ministry,” explained Enrico Ambrogio. “The fact our consortium enjoys the involvement of large and small manufacturers and importers of tyres demonstrates that we are able to represent everyone equally, offering the best for Italian entrepreneurs who want to work both in respect of the laws and the environment. We are confident that our members also appreciate the extraordinary ETL collections we are making to help eliminate the deposits of abandoned ELT that still remain in the environment, in Italy”.

27 October 2016