4th Year for PFU Zero and Clean up the World

For the fourth consecutive year, EcoTyre has renewed its partnership with Legambiente and the PFU Zero project has taken part in Clean up the World (23rd - 25th September, 2016). The Italian version of Clean up the World, the largest international environmental volunteer event, annually involves 35 million people in around 120 countries. The volunteers, working on the initiative throughout the country, collect abandoned ELTs during the Clean up the World Day. Furthermore, each volunteer is provided with a flyer, created in collaboration with Hankook, that explains how tyres can be used sustainably, and how to manage them once they have reached the end of their lives.

During the Clean up the World weekend, and the following weekend EcoTyre was active in five Italian regions: Umbria, Apuglia, Molise, Campagna and Veneto. The prime movers of the initiative were in Foligno Perugia, Castel del Giudice in Isernia, Prodcida in Napoli, Parolise in Avellino and Tregano in Verona.

“For years, Clean up the World has permitted us to monitor and act on dumped ELTs thanks to the support of the network of Legambiente associations,” declared Enrico Ambrogio, President of EcoTyre. “Fortunately, what we have seen is that the incidence of tyres being fly-tipped is decreasing, whilst the public’s awareness regarding the correct disposal of ELTs is increasing. Now, thanks to initiatives such as Clean up the World, everyone knows that used tyres can be left at tyre change centres and they, in turn, can call a consortium such as EcoTyre to request free collections so the tyres can be sent for recovery. This increased understanding”, concluded Amrogio,”drives a number of initiatives across the country to continue to raise public awareness and, where possible, cleanups.”

5 October 2016